----- August 1980 decided the Eighteenth Meeting of the Fifth National People's Congress, the State Council approved the establishment of special economic zones in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and Xiamen, which began a new era of reform and opening coastal cities.

----- In 1984, the CPC Central Committee decided to further open 14 coastal port cities: Dalian, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin, Yantai, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Nantong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Beihai. Wave of reform and opening awakened consciousness of doing business in Yiwu. Commodity wholesalers emerged.

----- 1985, Ding three brothers, have come home from the field Industrial factories. DING Er China, Ding Junmin and his father opened a silk factory, business is more stable, Ding Zhimin opened umbrella plant, due to the lack of information, not allowed to grasp market, was forced to stop the plant, re-embarked on the south to north of doing business.

----- 1987, Yiwu Small Commodity Market flower head off a hot, red cell business office, set up factories in every house there is a mountain flower head Zheng professional village.



----- 1993, Ding Zhimin learned was decorated with flower heads produced in great demand, the establishment of the first specialty retailer Yiwu ribbons processing trade companies. To reduce costs, Ding Zhimin many years to go from Guangzhou, Shantou and other organizations to supply. To his surprise, a very popular market in Yiwu little ribbons, mostly from Taiwan, mainland China has not a manufacturer, but it does not require a high-technology, labor-intensive part of polyethylene products. Through market research, Ding Zhimin found ribbon flower head is not limited to the use of, or accessories crafts, clothing, gifts, packaging, footwear and other goods, the huge market potential, is a very broad prospects for development of new industries. Ding Zhimin keenly aware that this is a golden opportunity for development, self-determination to the purchase of machinery production ribbons.

----- 1994 Niansanli industrial zones in 5.8 acres of land, investment of 300 million yuan, the formation of the global system with Limited Yiwu.

----- In early 1995, Yiwu Universal system with Limited officially put into operation, has a staff of 25 people, 50 looms, dyeing production line 1, officially registered "three" brand trademark.

----- End of 1995, the global system with Limited Yiwu factory expansion of 10 acres. Has a staff of 80 people, 200 looms, dyeing production line 4. The company gradually expand the scope of business, began producing ribbons various other purposes.



----- 1996, Universal's "three" ribbon development is successful, a product listed by the majority of customers praise and favor, Universal momentary fame, Art Institute of Chicago.

----- In 1997, the company has 200 employees worldwide, 500 looms, dyeing production line 10, continued expansion of production scale.

----- In 1997, the Asian financial crisis broke out, the system also love to bring a serious impact on the industry, Taiwan's companies began to change jobs, many of its peers have downsized to prevent market risk, Ding Zhimin calm through careful market research and analysis, language amazing: the financial crisis is only temporary, labor-intensive manufacturing industries, where is the advantage of developing countries, so he loudly asked: "to seize the aircraft, the rapid expansion of the scale of the system with the industry to seize market high ground, and strive to become Asia's leading enterprises".

----- 1998, he resolutely decided stationed in Yiwu city, 87 acres of land to create Zhejiang Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd.

----- 1999 Zhejiang Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd. officially put into operation in 2000, the number of employees reached 1,800 people, 2,000 looms, dyeing production line more than 30.

----- 2001, Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd. invested 2 million yuan to purchase again advanced testing instruments and weaving equipment, "three" brand products to ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, gold and silver with green onions, six series plaid belt, elastic belt, bras with other products.


Upgrade (cross-production operations)

----- 2002 Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established Hengding.

----- In 2002 the company spent a lot further 600 million yuan, Zhejiang Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd. started three projects in Yiwu City Economic Development Zone 1.80 wells.

----- 2003 perfect sales service system and sales network covering major domestic and international textile professional market, has set up nine domestic offices, five foreign agencies, to provide customers with high quality products and quality service.

----- 2003 Zhejiang Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd. Weaving Plant officially put into operation.

----- June 2003, Ding established import and export company.

----- Established in 2004, Yiwu City Central tripod Ribbon Limited.


Leap (transregional production and operation)

-----In 2005, Golden West Jinding Ribbon, Ltd. was established, covering 500 acres

-----September 2005, 1,500 acres of District Suqian started.

-----October 2005, Jiangsu Sanding Weaving Co. officially registered, a total investment of 1 billion yuan.

-----April 23, 2006, Jiangsu Sanding Weaving Co. official start trial production of two looms, August 28 Jiangsu Sanding company officially put into operation.

-----August 8, 2007, Mao Kai Trading Co., Ltd. was established in Yiwu.

-----November 18, 2008, the Group invested 20 million yuan on research and development establishment in the world's largest and most advanced research and development R & D center will enhance the research and development level of the webbing, product competitiveness to a whole new level.