Strategic objectives

Doing fine and stronger the main industry, the main industry to maintain its leading position, diversified development, one of China's five hundred Ranks to build a world-class enterprise.

  Company Vision

Become a world-class web business.

Company Mission

The world's most beautiful woven ribbons, creating exquisite and elegant living.

  Enterprise policy

Safety norms, the team, and sustainable.

Corporate purposes

Create value for customers, creating profits for shareholders, creating opportunities for staff, creating benefits for the community.

  The spirit of enterprise

Vibrant glow, forge ahead; pursuit of excellence, Dingli world.

Staff concept

Loyalty, vision, health and development.

  Employing the concept

Cause of keeping pay and conditions, sentiments, culture to people.

Technology development concept

Technological innovation, promote product innovation; technological advancement and industrial progress.

  Service concept

Services that exceed customer expectations, service to create customer satisfaction.


Standardized management, diversification strategy, capital operation and international markets.

  Product concept

In order to obtain the trust of quality in order to enhance the brand value; cost to win the competition, innovation and improve efficiency.


Performance priority consideration to fairness; establish a scientific evaluation system value, the value of the distribution system adhere to a win-win.

  Development concept

Conform to the trend of technological development, adapt to changes in the market trend, follow the trend of social development.

Management philosophy

Fine efficient, pragmatic and self-discipline

  Security concept

Respect for life, responsibility

Clean concept

Clean work, innocent man

  Learning concept

Beyond the self, Zhiyuzhishan

Working spirit

Unity, dedication, pioneering and innovative.

  Work ethic

Talk about ethics, about execution, speaking perfect.