Talent Concept

The times call for talent, talent creating Albert. Human capital is our most important capital, is an important guarantee for sustainable development of enterprises. Efforts to foster the development and introduction of various management and technical talents, build Sanding talent building, build a world-class management and technical team, to create the industry leader to lead our management innovation, technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

The overall objective of talent strategy: develop, introduce and create large-scale, structural optimization, rational layout, good quality, am responsible, able to pick the burden of personnel.

Talent Development Guidelines: service development, talent priority to use oriented, innovative mechanisms, high-end leads, the overall development.

Employing the concept: the cause of keeping pay and conditions, sentiments, culture to people.

Employment standards: both ability and integrity, to Germany first.

Personnel Policy

We create self-motivation, self-discipline, self-management, self-development and the promotion of good mechanism of outstanding talent to achieve their talent to the best use.

Our commitment to giving priority to efficiency, taking into account the principle of fairness, encourage each employee to compete on the basis of sincere cooperation and commitment on the obligation and to provide opportunities and conditions for fair competition for staff development.

Our position on the implementation of fair competition mechanism, the implementation of promotion and demotion of the cadre appointment system, each employee through hard work, and increase their abilities at work, are likely to gain employment or qualification for promotion.

We follow the law of talent development, based on objective and impartial evaluation of the results, not rigidly adhere to seniority and level, so there is a sense of responsibility, professional expertise, good management personnel play an important responsibility.

Office environment

There is good ventilation in the office, high-power air conditioning, plenty of light, lighting Hassle combination of artificial light and natural light, has a tranquil atmosphere, floors, walls, ceilings have some sound-absorbing effect and mute the device. Office equipment neatly, rational layout, indoor display have the right amount of flowers to make the office air cleaner, more elegant arrangement.


We have the apartment staff quarters, a large area of ​​green belt, fresh air, pleasant environment, the park features a fitness area, fitness work correct, the company cafeteria meal dozens of delicious dishes, food choice, balanced nutrition, the company places urban area, near the living, entertainment, shopping is complete, no matter what your needs are met.


In the same work, we have focused on culture, plant reported a domestic tradition of festivals every month, employees are actively participating in party activities company, and we also encourage employees to participate in various activities held from time to time, such as basketball contest , OK karaoke contest, calligraphy competitions. If you have expertise, please tell us, play your talent, show themselves.

We need the following talents, if you meet the following criteria, please contact us 0579-85335003

1President assistant
The number of required: 1.
Job description:
1, the group company overall operating management, including strategic and business planning, organization and management, etc.;
2, participate in making important decisions;
3, complete other work assigned by the board.
1, male, 50 years old the following, bachelor degree or above, height 170 cm or more;
2, 5 years more than 1000 large-scale production enterprise operation management working experience;
3, familiar with manufacturing enterprises strategic management and strategic planning, a large textile, dyeing and finishing enterprises is preferred;
4, good professional quality and workplace demeanor, outstanding organization and coordination and communication skills.
2The financial manager
The number of required: 1.
Job description:
1, comprehensive subsidiary company financial management work;
2, production enterprise tax planning, cost control and budget management module;
3, subsidiary finance department management;
4, participate in the subsidiary major decisions.
1, sexs, 50 years old the following, college degree or above; majored in finance, accounting,
2, 5 years working experience in industrial enterprise financial management, familiar with manufacturing cost, taxation, budget management, etc.;
3, good professional ethics and communication and coordination ability;
4, have intermediate title first.
3The audit class/audit specialist senior talents
The number of required: 1.
Job description:
1, the ministry of audit directly responsible to the President, the independent audit and survey work;
2, to the headquarters and the subsidiary financial financial management processes and system implementation of professional audit;
3, to carry out other duties assigned by the President of the audit, and survey work.
1, 50 years old the following, finance, accounting and auditing related college degree or above;
2, 2 years working experience in finance, audit, can independently carry out audit work;
3, the high-level jobs recruitment at the same time, depending on the experience, the ability to locate.
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