Join us, is your most wise choice!

    China is the largest ribbon market in the world. The vigorous development of upstream industry has brought the unprecedented development opportunity for us and many merchants. SANDING brand series products with high brand known lightness and market reputation. SANDING brand is a internationally recognized ribbon leading brand and warmly invite you to join us!

    Your wise choice and our common efforts will create a better future!

Join conditions

    1.Annual sales of 100 million or more (including 100 million) required.

    2.At least 20 square meters shop in the Professional accessories market and 80 square meters storage or more required.

    3.Shop must be in the designated market.

    4.100% display and sell SANDING brand series products, if other accessories included, the shop must prepare a SANDING brand series products counter. Displaying and selling other products same as SANDING products are forbidden.

    5.Must accept SANDING Company’s management and supervision.

    6.Require timely settlement of the purchase price.

Obligations of Join Dealers

    1.Obligation to provide all kinds of market information to our Company.

    2.Obligation to keep the counters clean.

    3.Obligation to preserve the image of our Company and Brand.

    4.Obligation to expand the market and the sell volume of SANDING products.

    5.Obligation to keep the business information privacy of our Company.

    6.Obligation to accomplish the statistical work of all company required report forms in time.

Our commitments for Join Dealers

    1.As our dealer, if you fulfill our requirements perfectly, will develop to a signing distributer and get more sales of preferential policies.

    2.Join Dealers can enjoy the uniform company prices and services.

    3.Uniform promotional material support provided by our company.

    4.Open special telephone line for Join Dealers’ services and complaints, complaints must handle in paper and reply in 12 hours (workday), also in written form.

    5.Provide distinguished guest treatment for Join Dealers and received by leader over department manager.

    6.Enjoy annual study organized by company and attend Dealers summary commendation congress hold by company to commend the outstanding dealers (bonus decided by company).

Dear friends, thanks for your trust in SANDING company. If you have the intention to join the agents of our products, or would like more detailed information about our joining policy, you can send a message to us via the following way. We will be very happy for your join-in!
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